I am packing for a short visit to the Island of the temple people
I plan on exploring many unknown parts of the island so I must be ready for the unexpected.

my amulet bag goes everywhere I go it is filled with charms of protection and wisdom

the walnut shell is most important and will beam me home should i get lost.

I will pack my dancing shoes as i hear there is a Fertility Dance at the Folly

as I am packing I hear a noise near the wall .
I look over but see nothing

I go back to packing but hear it again

now I must go see what it is .

I kneel down on the floor and listen .

suddenly a tiny door flies open and out comes one of my many traveling companions

NO Tail He must have found the tiny door and went exploring
the others must still be wondering around the ship , as I havn’t seen them in a while .

heres hoping they do not cause to much havoc while i am on the island



A Cabin Within

a cabin within

I search for a place within myself

where I can go and no one can find me

a place of safety

a place of peace

I search for a place that is only for me
a place within myself
that no one can see not even me

I search for a place that i will never find
a place that is lost but not forgotten

I can feel it , I know its there but over the years it has became hidden deep within to protect it’s self from me.

The Note

while I was tidying up my cabin , preparing to go on deck for a bit

I seen a note  that had been slipped under my door from Fairyrainbow,

an invatition to her cabin

says she knows many of my secrets

says she is part dragon and able to read my deepest secrets

I have heard a legend of her kind part fairy part dragon i know the clan of which she speaks  I did not know the legend was true .  I still question that fact

I will of course accept her invatition

it will be interesting to meet a fairy dragon

i must know what she knows

i don’t believe she is a real danger to me or my mission but a slight annoyance at most

and im sure it will be an interesting visit

Meet Issy

I have finally arrived at the port of call

It has been a long journey and I have been amongst people for way to long .

I long to stretch my wings and relax in the safety  of my room

but that will have to wait as there is a long line waiting to board and as my luck would have it,

It ‘s  snowing .

Even though i am dressed for it . Wearing a long dark Green trench coat with a large dragon adoring the back of it  a purple scarf and black jeans   .   I hate this cold weather .  I long for tropical beaches and warm sun.

there are many people waiting to board , I can sense no real danger, but I also sense that most of these people have many secrets.  that they do not wish to reveal and are very good at hiding. I have no interest in discovering their secrets, only in protecting my own.

the voices and sounds of their thoughts are overwhelming I must work to prevent them from invading my mind and becoming my own.

a porter approaches me asking  for my name  “Isabell Dagon  but I hate the name Isabell so please call me  Issy”

I stopped using Isabell a long time ago.  That name reminds me of a  prim and proper women of society that stands for everything I am against.

The porter notes my name gives me a knowing look , as if he knows who I am  and moves on to the next person.

I reach my hand up to my necklace, an amulet bag made from cloth with a copper flower and a face at its center.

It is one of my most precious possessions, and one that holds many secrets within its tiny pouch.

I can not wait to see my cabin.  I know it will be perfect , They knew I was coming long before I did and Im sure my cabin has been ready for awhile   awaiting my arrival.


100_12031my sacriface to Vulcan

a doll made from stuff that is discarded by man in a feeble effort by me to preserve our world , our nature resources, our lives.

I use some metal coils that were trimed from a metal gutter for her legs

her base is an old box that held some scrapbook brads
that came in a kit

the body is packaging from something can’t remember what

the arms are plastic Wal mart and Dollar General bags braided and wrapped around some scrap wire

the head is an old milk cap

the hair is a couple of large scrapbook flowers that i had left from a project.

the paper thats inside her body is the backing from some copper leafing paper that i had used up and a torn quote from an old magazine headed for the recycle bin

her green skirt is the mask design that My Hubby had cut out for one of his projects that he had painted and removed I seen it laying on the trash bin when i was looking for parts for my doll so decided that it would make a lovely skirt.

her face is a polymer clay face that i molded its from my stash. that and her hair the only two things that aren’t recycled

the brace i used to hold her up and give her a bit of added support is a metal piece that was removed from some damaged gutters and headed for the recycle bin