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playing with fibers and clay

i made these using needle felting and clay faces





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Fireflies float thru the sky
with the fleeting grace of an eagles eye
what do they see by the light of their end
where do they get that glow
wings like a bird
to slow to flee
the sound of childrens cries
as they chase the glow of a fireflies end
lighs the way to their capture true
as they are examined by wondering eyes fireflies-sync
what makes their end glow
in wonder
they set them free
to chase again
by the light of the fireflies end

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I am Me

Who am i

I am me
the inside of you 176u7t7irh1
that you are afraid to see
afraid to let out
for fear of what I will show you.
of where, i will take you

I am your dreams , your fears , your innermost thoughts
that you are afraid to know,
to discover ,
to explore

I am the child that you left behind
I am the magic that you lost
I am me
the inside of you
lost and forgotten

I am the dragon in the clouds
the whistle in the wind
the ghost that speaks to you in the night
I am the whispers you hear when no one is there
I am the shadows in the dark

I am me
the inside of you

the voice that cannot be heard
but longs to speak
to tell you that what you seek
is inside of you

i am here
you have just forgotten how to see me
how to feel my presence
how to be me

I am your imaginary friend that you can no longer see
I am me
the inside of you

I am me
the inside of you
waiting , waiting to be rediscovered
i am here
you have to seek me
to dare let the child inside out to play
to dare to let the imagination fly and let the child like dreams be free once again
to discover all that there is to see
all that is blind to those who do not look
the magic that you seek is here
inside of me .

I am me
lost inside of you
find me please
I am lonely
and you are truly lost
without me

I am me
waiting on you

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The Mask

You meet me on the street
I smile and say Hello
I wear a mask to hide a frown
The tears of loneliness
I feel in a crowd
Are hidden by laughter aloud

A Mask of Happiness
Hides the sadness I feel
My Deepest thoughts and fears
Protected by the mask I wear
in a crowd

To hide the truth
I am alone My mask and me
Afraid for anyone else to see
The loneliness and fear within


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I am packing for a short visit to the Island of the temple people
I plan on exploring many unknown parts of the island so I must be ready for the unexpected.

my amulet bag goes everywhere I go it is filled with charms of protection and wisdom

the walnut shell is most important and will beam me home should i get lost.

I will pack my dancing shoes as i hear there is a Fertility Dance at the Folly

as I am packing I hear a noise near the wall .
I look over but see nothing

I go back to packing but hear it again

now I must go see what it is .

I kneel down on the floor and listen .

suddenly a tiny door flies open and out comes one of my many traveling companions

NO Tail He must have found the tiny door and went exploring
the others must still be wondering around the ship , as I havn’t seen them in a while .

heres hoping they do not cause to much havoc while i am on the island


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A Cabin Within

a cabin within

I search for a place within myself

where I can go and no one can find me

a place of safety

a place of peace

I search for a place that is only for me
a place within myself
that no one can see not even me

I search for a place that i will never find
a place that is lost but not forgotten

I can feel it , I know its there but over the years it has became hidden deep within to protect it’s self from me.

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The Note

while I was tidying up my cabin , preparing to go on deck for a bit

I seen a note  that had been slipped under my door from Fairyrainbow,

an invatition to her cabin

says she knows many of my secrets

says she is part dragon and able to read my deepest secrets

I have heard a legend of her kind part fairy part dragon i know the clan of which she speaks  I did not know the legend was true .  I still question that fact

I will of course accept her invatition

it will be interesting to meet a fairy dragon

i must know what she knows

i don’t believe she is a real danger to me or my mission but a slight annoyance at most

and im sure it will be an interesting visit

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