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Meet Issy

I have finally arrived at the port of call

It has been a long journey and I have been amongst people for way to long .

I long to stretch my wings and relax in the safety  of my room

but that will have to wait as there is a long line waiting to board and as my luck would have it,

It ‘s  snowing .

Even though i am dressed for it . Wearing a long dark Green trench coat with a large dragon adoring the back of it  a purple scarf and black jeans   .   I hate this cold weather .  I long for tropical beaches and warm sun.

there are many people waiting to board , I can sense no real danger, but I also sense that most of these people have many secrets.  that they do not wish to reveal and are very good at hiding. I have no interest in discovering their secrets, only in protecting my own.

the voices and sounds of their thoughts are overwhelming I must work to prevent them from invading my mind and becoming my own.

a porter approaches me asking  for my name  “Isabell Dagon  but I hate the name Isabell so please call me  Issy”

I stopped using Isabell a long time ago.  That name reminds me of a  prim and proper women of society that stands for everything I am against.

The porter notes my name gives me a knowing look , as if he knows who I am  and moves on to the next person.

I reach my hand up to my necklace, an amulet bag made from cloth with a copper flower and a face at its center.

It is one of my most precious possessions, and one that holds many secrets within its tiny pouch.

I can not wait to see my cabin.  I know it will be perfect , They knew I was coming long before I did and Im sure my cabin has been ready for awhile   awaiting my arrival.



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