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100_12031my sacriface to Vulcan

a doll made from stuff that is discarded by man in a feeble effort by me to preserve our world , our nature resources, our lives.

I use some metal coils that were trimed from a metal gutter for her legs

her base is an old box that held some scrapbook brads
that came in a kit

the body is packaging from something can’t remember what

the arms are plastic Wal mart and Dollar General bags braided and wrapped around some scrap wire

the head is an old milk cap

the hair is a couple of large scrapbook flowers that i had left from a project.

the paper thats inside her body is the backing from some copper leafing paper that i had used up and a torn quote from an old magazine headed for the recycle bin

her green skirt is the mask design that My Hubby had cut out for one of his projects that he had painted and removed I seen it laying on the trash bin when i was looking for parts for my doll so decided that it would make a lovely skirt.

her face is a polymer clay face that i molded its from my stash. that and her hair the only two things that aren’t recycled

the brace i used to hold her up and give her a bit of added support is a metal piece that was removed from some damaged gutters and headed for the recycle bin


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